There are host of good supporting materials for MUN Directors. If you have a specific resource need, please feel free to contact any one of the THIMUN Foundation offices for support. 


Rules and Procedures

THIMUN Rules and Procedures Manual


New! THIMUN Preparation and Practice Series

This 11 part series has been adapted from Uniting the Nations through Model United Nations (Williams and Stein). 

The United Nations,  National Sovereignty,  Educational Objectives, Research and Preparation,  Developing a Policy, The Opening Speech


Handbooks and Guides

THIMUN Delegate Guide

Adminstrative Handbook

Advisory Panel  Report

Youth Assembly Handbook 

THIMUN 2014 Basic Guidelines

THIMUN Checklist Country

THIMUN Checklist Issue

THIMUN Checklist Organization


Sample Work

Sample Opening Speech

Sample Student Officer Research Report

Resolution Template 

Sample Resolutions


Conference Organizational Tools

Approval Panel - Resolution Formatting

Resolution Cover Page

Co-submitter Sheet

Ammendment Sheet


UN Publications

Basic Facts about the UN

Everything I wanted to know about the UN activity booklet