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Each year the QLC  sponsors a number of international presenters; flights, hotel and visa assistance are provided. Applicants will also be considered and accepted without QLC sponsorship.  For international applicants, you will be given the option to indicate whether or not you wish to be considered as an unsponsored presenter (travel and accomodation would not be covered). 


Local Presenters: If you are an adult professional and live in Qatar, please complete this application.

Applications for local adult presenters are due August 30, 2017.


International Presenters: If you live outside the state of Qatar (student, teacher, professional), please complete this application.

Applications for international presenters are due May 14, 2017.


Student Presenters: If you are a student living in Qatar, please complete  this application.

 Applications for student presenters are due June 1, 2017. 

 For your reference, please see the QLC Conference Program 2015.



Featured Presenters


Rebecca Nee

Rebecca Nee

RebeccaNee is an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Media Studies at San Diego State University. Her teaching and research center around how social media is changing media, politics, and audience behaviors. She has authored seven peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals and presented numerous conference papers. She earned her doctorate in educational technology from Pepperdine University. Prior to entering academia, she worked as a television news anchor/reporter at network affiliates across the United States. She received her master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and bachelor’s in political science from the University of California at Santa Barbara.



Social Media Memes: Fun or Propaganda

Images and memes that spread through social media are powerful. Many are humorous and innocent. Some are created for social movements. Others are used for political purposes. Using examples from current events, this workshop will explore the truth behind viral memes and images. Learn what makes a meme go viral and how to spot a meme that is spreading fake news. You will be encouraged to create your own meme to promote global awareness and social good.


Media Hacking: Fake news or alternative facts?

In a world filled with Buzzfeed quizzes, YouTubbers, Brexit, and Trump, your media habits are more important than ever. With the spread of fake news online, how can you tell fact from fiction? Is technology the answer to global problems or the cause of them? This workshop will challenge you to think about how your media choices impact your beliefs in a rapidly changing international environment. Learn hacks for detecting fake news and creating effective media online.



Salam Photo

Salam Kedan


Salam Kedan joined Model UN seven years ago, traveling to international Model UN conferences and meeting students from around the world. As a Muslim Palestinian citizen in Israel, she wanted to make a change in her community by using Model UN - to raise awareness and build new projects to improve her community’s living standards. To empower youth to become tomorrow's leaders and be able to make a change, she founded her own NGO called Salam Centre for Peace. The Center aims to connect students from all around the world through international MUN conferences, as well as working on local projects to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in her community. Salam also wants to provide other communities with examples to follow. Salam has travelled abroad and chaperoned more than 70 students from her community for international MUN conferences. Salam started this work with Online MUN in 2013 by arranging delegations to international conferences. She has a BA in Liberal Arts from Tel Aviv University International.



Salam Center for Peace

This workshop shares Salam's inspirational story of how she established her own NGO. Salam Centre for Peace is an NGO registered in Israel that aims to empower the Arab youth to make a difference in the future. The Center works on connecting students from different backgrounds in peaceful environments and makes them share their stories. The Center is also currently working on plans to achieve and implement local projects related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs) to improve the Arabs’ living standards in their communities in Israel. This workshop will also show the differences between Arab and Jewish communities in Israel, and will share and explain those differences  from her own personal experience. This workshop will also show how to go beyond nationality and focus on what matters the most.


Going Beyond Nationality

This workshop will highlight the experience growing up as a Muslim Arab in Israel, and how nationality is one of the biggest causes of many conflicts in the world, especially in the Middle East. Salam will show how if we all think beyond our nationality and focus on what matters and try to improve our living standards, no matter where we are or which citizenship we hold, we can solve many of the world issues. It will show how nationality is stopping us from achieving many humanitarian causes. Salam will share how she chose to look beyond nationality and work to improve her community to help and contribute in building tomorrow’s leaders.





Ugbad Kasim

Ugbad Kasim

Ugbad Kasim is a humanitarian worker who has witnessed severe drought which has led to loss of live and livestock in Somaliland. Ugbad is a graduate student from Admas University and works with the World Food Program (WFP) as field monitor. For the last four years she has travelled around the country to report on the situation of children, mothers and old people. She has devoted her time in saving  lives. At the QLC she will share with you her experiences of being an aid worker. 


Humanitarian Crises in Somalia - This presentation will give you an insight of current crises situation in Somalia and the role of World Food Program (WFP). What exactly is the WFP doing? Are they reaching the people most in need? Are resources mobilized effectively? What is it like to be in the field as a first respondent? In this workshop Ugbad will share her experience, challenges and lessons learnt as an aid worker and how it changed her life.

Empowering Women for Sustainable Development- Is women's empowerment just the 'right thing to do'? What institutional and societal changes need to be made for women to be empowered? Who should be involved? This workshop will emphasis the role of women in sustainable development projects. It will show how women contribute to the society with their limited choices. This presentation will feature Somali women entrepreneurs and how they impacted their communities. 

Aryn Paige Thomas


aryn Photo

Aryn Paige Thomas is a Legal Officer at the United Nations Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals, the residual court for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Her interest in international service ignited when she became a delegate to THIMUN while attending high school in Abu Dhabi. Prior to embarking on her UN career, she worked in private practice at a major international law firm, assisted with policy research on biometrics, and served in the US Peace Corps.  



Reality (v) TV: International criminal courts as portrayed in media

Fictionalized accounts of international justice often take liberties with the facts. This workshop will provide an overview of the jurisdictions and differences between many of the international and hybrid courts, from the Nuremburg tribunal to the International Criminal Court, and explore some of television and film’s representations (and misrepresentations). This workshop is aimed at both students and teachers with an interest in MUN and the ICJ/International Criminal Court.


YPP, CBI, PHP – Deciphering UN recruitment acronyms and some practical advice

This workshop will provide an overview of United Nations recruitment, and some practical pointers, from someone who made it through the recruitment process, has served on recruitment panels, and serves as a legal adviser her organization’s human resources department. If you are interested in landing a UN job, this workshop will provide some invaluable tips from someone whose gone through the UN recruitment and application process.