May 5 -6, 2017

Middle School MUN Conference

October 19 - 21, 2017

Qatar Leadership Conference

January 23 - 26, 2018

THIMUN Qatar Annual Conference

The THIMUN Qatar Regional Office was created as a joint project between Qatar Academy and the THIMUN Foundation. The office supports efforts around the region to develop programs and events for young people to seek, through discussion, negotiation, debate, and personal action, solutions to the various problems of the world.


THIMUN Qatar hosts three main events each year; a leadership conference, MUN conference and an international film festival. The fall leadership conference is designed to provide workshops for both student leaders and teachers involved in MUN and media studies. The conference program features MUN, debate and educational leaders working with participants in six main areas: skills building, professional learning, organization, teaching, community service, media and film.  


The MUN conferences bring students together from around the world to learn and share ideas from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds. The conference attracts around 1400 participants from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The conference venue is the new Qatar National Convention Center. This world class facility provides delegates with modern facilities, a 2400 seat auditorium for opening and closing ceremonies, and the latest in AV equipment. There are a wide variety of committees students can participate in. Students can take part in General Assembly, Disarmament, Human Rights, and Environment Committees. THIMUN Qatar also has a Special Committee and an Advisory Panel that focus on the major issues in the host region. Students wishing to develop their journalism skills may participate as members of the Press Team.


The THIMUN Qatar Northwestern University Film Festival is also available for students interested in participating in a three day workshop learning how to make documentaries and become inspired to use the power of film to make a difference. The Film Festival is designed to encourage MUN participants to become advocates for the issues they have debated in MUN conferences. The film festival provides a platform for high school students to showcase their work to a wider audience through community showing and distribution support. 


In additon, the region office works with national partner schools throughout the region to develop MUN programs locally. The THIMUN Foundation MUN conference affiliation program allows partner schools to achieve affiliation status for their conference. In addition, educational materials, local training conferences, and many other opportunities are available for schools within the region.



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