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The film submission window for the 2016 THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival is now closed. 


Winners of the 2016 Film Festival can be found here.


The mission of the THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival is to encourage the production of films that inspire, educate and engage around issues, both global and local. The THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival seeks to help put a human face on contemporary issues facing the world today, and to develop a better understanding of, and appreciation for, the cinematic arts. The Film Festival is open to high school students grades 8-12. 

 A full program description can be found in the THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival Handbook.


Please visit our Youtube channel to view all current and past nominated films.


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THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival is designed to encourage students to develop their film making skills

and raise awareness about important global issues. Students who participate in the THIMUN Qatar Northwestern

Film Festival will no longer be talking abstract policy points but become direct advocates for issues. MUN programs

are only successful if they help facilitate meaningful changes in our actions and choices. The film festival offers 

educational support material, workshops, and a gala awards evening to celebrate excellence.

Students who are nominated for a prize at the festival receive a plane ticket and accommodations. 

Learn more about the THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival

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