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The keynote speakers for 2015 will be announced shortly. 


2014 Keynote speakers:


PETER DALGLISH is a Canadian humanitarian and founder of the Street Kids International charity and the Trails Youth Initiative program. He is currently the Country Representative for UN-Habitat in Afghanistan. Peter began his humanitarian career in Ethiopia and Sudan with refugees and street children. In 1987 he founded Street Kids International, now a global leader in designing creative self-help project for poor, urban children. In 2002 he was appointed to the UN's child labor program in Nepal, and later served as the Executive Director of the South Asia Children's Fund. Peter is a highly regarded global leader in regards to youth development best practices and fundraising.



WILLIAM YOTIVE is currently serving as the Project Manager of the Global Teaching and Learning Project for the UN Department of Public Information in New York. A large part of his current job is working with Model United Nations leaders to gain a deeper understanding of how the General Assembly and Security Council operates. His goal is to help MUN conferences capture the debate and negotiation process as it occurs at the UN in a more accurate manner.



SEYED ALI ZAHIR MOULANA is a Former Member of Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (1994-2004). He served at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington DC, USA and is the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Chief Organizer in the Batticaloa District. He was also the chief broker of a 2004 peace deal between the Eastern Province Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan government; a peace deal that likely saved thousands of lives. Currently, Mr. Moulana is overseeing major economic development projects in the Batticaloa area as part of the government’s development and reconciliation program.



BEN KEESEY serves as Executive Director and CEO of Invisible Children, Inc. Invisible Children is an organization founded in 2004 to bring awareness to the activities of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Central Africa, and its leader, Joseph Kony. It is best known for its internet video campaign called Kony 2012, the first humanitarian based video to go viral. The film had more than 40 million views just three days. Ben received his B.A. in Applied Mathematics, Management & Accounting from the University of California, Los Angeles. The day after senior finals, he hopped on a plane to Africa and unknowingly rerouted the course of his life. Prior to officially joining the organization in 2005 as CFO, he worked with Deloitte and Touche LLP, JP Morgan & Associates and Brentwood Associates Private Equity. He embraces the impossible and plots the course of our daring future. His hard work is unmistakably evident; transforming Invisible Children into an international movement that is revolutionizing culture, policy and lives.



SEAN CAMPBELL is a speaker, advocate and entrepreneur committed to global change by promoting wellness, development and leadership on micro and macro levels. To achieve this, Sean has engaged in a variety of platforms: professional speaking, documentary film, consulting, and entrepreneurship. Sean produced a short documentary Called Out in the Dark, which features vignettes of interviews he conducted with a Tunisian social media blogger, a Lebanese street artist, and a member of a volunteer security task force in Egypt's Tahrir Square, exploring their efforts in the summer of 2011 immediately following the Arab Spring.



PROFESSOR MOHAMMED S. DAJANI DAOUDI is a Al Quds (Jerusalem) born scholar with two doctorate degrees granted from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, (1981) and the University of Texas at Austin, Texas, (1984). He is founder and executive director of Wasatia, Moderate Islamic Movement in Palestine; professor of political science and international relations; founding director of American Studies Institute, and Director of Libraries, Al-Quds University. He is author of numerous books and articles both in English and Arabic. His latest publications are: Wasatia: The Spirit of Islam (Jerusalem: Wasatia Publishing, 2009); editor, Jerusalem from the Lens of Wasatia (Jerusalem: Wasatia Publishing, 2010); with Ashraf Dajani, The Future of Jerusalem (Jerusalem: Wasatia Publishing, 2012); with Zeina Barakat, Israelis and Palestinians: Contested Narratives (Jerusalem: Wasatia Publishing, 2013); Exploring American Studies: A Success Story (Jerusalem: Al-Quds University Publishing, 2013).



ORLANDO ARELLANO is currently serving in as Seeds of Peace’s Binational Program Coordinator in Al Quds/ Jerusalem. Seeds of Peace dedicated to inspiring and equipping new generations of leaders from regions of conflict with the relationships, understanding, and skills needed to advance lasting peace. Orlando began his time at Seeds of Peace in 2010 as a counselor at the International Camp; it was a decision that transformed his understanding of peace, diplomacy, education and inspired him to continue growing within the organization to fully understand and invest in the power of youth. He is excited and proud to now be working with staff in the Middle East to develop exciting programs and partnerships that address the many challenges our Seeds face as they grow into the world and work as young leaders to make a positive impact in their communities.



SARAH HÜBNER is a passionate teacher and theater practitioner. She obtained her BA, MA and PGCE in Devised Theater and Modern Languages at 4 universities in the U.K. and the U.S. Over the past 12 years, she has toured with two of her own theater companies in Europe and she worked on interdisciplinary projects with artist networks such as Spacewalk and Tango Beats. Teaching theater workshops to people of all ages has always been part of her practice. In 2007 she started teaching full-time in Secondary Education. Since 2010 she has been acting and working with Munich's English speaking Theater Company, Entity Theater and she is also a co-founder of Munich's most successful English speaking theater improvisation group



RYAN VILLANUEVA is the co-founder of Best Delegate, a US-based education company that specializes in Model United Nations resources, training, and consulting. Ryan has attended 120+ MUN conferences over the past 12 years, starting as a high school freshman in Southern California. A graduate of Yale University, Ryan worked at Goldman Sachs during the financial crisis before leaving Wall Street to start Best Delegate. Today, Ryan visits conferences and schools around the world to help students and teachers succeed at Model United Nations and beyond.




Final list of all presenters at the Qatar Leadership Conference 2014 can be seen here.