October 16-18, 2014

Qatar Leadership Conference


February 3-6, 2015

THIMUN Qatar Annual Conference


April 2-4, 2015

THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival



Film Registration








The mission of the THIMUN Qatar Film Festival is to encourage better understanding of, and appreciation for, cinematic arts, to help tp put a human face on the contemporary issues facing the world today, to support learning in Model United Nations programs by encouraging students to become advocates on global issues. A full program description can be found in the THIMUN Qatar Film Festival Handbook.












Registration for the Film Festival 2015 will be announced shortly. Please do stay tuned to this page for updates on registration dates, guidelines etc.









Before February 14th, all films should be submitted  to: 

THIMUN Qatar c/o Qatar Academy
PO Box 1129, Al Lugta Street
Doha, Qatar
(+974) 4454-2014



All Films can now be submitted online using the following link 



• Please place film files together in a single folder and zip them before uploading. Ensure that Interview Waivers, Posters and Entry Forms are in the same zipped folder.
• Include the name of the film and your last name on the folder (Eg: SplitSeconds-AlMuftah)
• Uploaded files cannot exceed 1 GB


The film festival offers an early registration contest. Any student who registeres their intent to submit a film before January 15th will  be eligible to enter into a draw for a free Apple I-Pad. Please complete the registration form at  Eventbrite.


Contest Rules



Please read all contest rules carefully.  You can download the rules from the link below. All films must be submitted with an entry form.


Film Festival Handbook, Contest Rules, and Application Forms


Submission rules

Entry Form



Prize Categories 



Best Picture
All elements in the movie bring a powerful emotional impact which convincingly conveys the message of the film. The film leaves a lasting impression.


Best National Picture

Directed by a student attending a school located in the State of Qatar. All elements in the movie bring a powerful emotional impact which convincingly conveys the message of the film.  The film leaves a lasting impression.


Best Story
The film has a developed coherent storyline. The characters enhance the message of the film and make a connection with the audience.

Best Cinematography
The film has an overall visual impact with regard to lighting, photography, and framing. The visual elements help tell the story.

Best Sound
The music, sound effects and sound levels helps convey the message of the film.

Best Editing
All elements exhibit a high level of editing skills which helps convey the message of the film.

Best Poster
The poster has an overall visual impact incorporating the title of the film and key elements of the story. The use of visual graphics, lighting and framing demonstrate a high level of skill.

People’s Choice Award
The film that receives the most votes as the best picture from on-line and audience voting.